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Choking Hazard Shredded vs sliced
« on: October 13, 2011, 06:39:21 PM »

This is my first post.  We are (eventually) going into the restaurant business.

From limited experience as a pizza consumer, I believe one of the reasons you should shred vs slice mozzarella is because the sliced mozzarella on a pizza might be a choking hazard.

There is one pizzeria where I live that uses sliced mozzarella.  When you eat the pizza there you have to be carefull to chew very thourouly before you swallow, because the mozzarella is so elastic.

Le me explain.  When you eat/chew/swallow food, for each bite of food you take, you normally swallow 2-3 'boluses' for each mouthfull of food.  This is how normal eating works. With deceptively elastic sliced mozzarella, the bolus that you swallow could still be unknowingly attached to the food in your mouth, so I have to sort of 'choke' it back up into my mouth to continue chewing with the other food before I try to swallow again.  I know this description sounds gross or something, but it's not a big deal.  This happened a couple times, and when I go there now I have to be very carefull.

This only ever happens with mozzarella on pizza, and this has only ever happened 2-3 times, only at this particular restuarant.

The reason this happens is because the mozzarella is more elastic and stringy than the mouth thinks it is.  This has never happened with any other foods..

This is also the only pizza place I go to that's using sliced mozzarella insteaed of shredded, so I am pretty sure it's a function of it being sliced.  Shredded mozzarella, even though it will be cooked and re-melted, is still sort of 'pre-chewed' by the shredding process.  And certainly the grain of the mozzarella is totally destroyed with shredding

I am posting because I haven't seen anything about this topic on this board yet.  This might be another important reason for shredding.  Because believe me, as someone who worked in several restaunts, it's alot neater just to use sliced cheese, and I'm not even taking into account the expense/trouble of the shredding operation.  Maybe the major pizza chains use shredded cheese for safety reasons.

I'm posting about this because there is a possibility I could be wrong.  It could be the 'chocking hazard' at this particular restaurant was due to the type of cheese they were using, and not lack of shredding.



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Re: Choking Hazard Shredded vs sliced
« Reply #1 on: October 13, 2011, 07:34:05 PM »
Mark, elasticity has nothing to do with grated cheese being 'pre-chewed' or the grain being destroyed.  Elasticity is caused by less melting.  Grated cheese, because the hot air can access more of it's surface area, melts faster. The finer the grind, the faster the melt.  Cheese that has had a chance to melt to a point where it bubbles will have almost no elasticity.  Sliced mozzerella may melt around the edges, but, depending on the baking time, the middle may not bubble. This is one of the reason why they use high water (more tender) cheeses in fast bake Neapolitan pizza- because the cheese doesn't always completely melt, so it needs to be tender.