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Hello to all
« on: October 15, 2011, 08:17:34 AM »
My family and I live in New York. Mostly in Manhattan, where I grew up and learned to love pizza. We also spend time on eastern Long Island in the un-Hampton's, better known as the North Fork. That's where I do most of my baking. So, I am a weekend baker. I have a large kitchen there, pretty well equipped but no pizza or outdoor oven (yet). I started baking about two years ago and, until a month ago, I did it all by hand. But after extensive forum reading and exchanges, I bought a small Bosch Compact 3 off Craigslist, which I cherish. What a time saver, which I needed with two demanding and energetic little boys under foot.

I think I am a pretty decent baker and nobody [dares] complain about what I produce. I do almost exclusively sourdoughs and keep a couple of live cultures (my other kids) that I feed and nurture. I learned everything I know about baking online, although I did a 4 hour baguette class up at KA's school. Forums like this one (I found it through Jeff Verasano's site), thefreshloaf, sourdoughhome, sourdough and many others are fantastic places to learn and share.

So, thank you for having this site dedicated to pizza. I look forward to meeting and sharing with all.