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Ryan's NYC thread
« on: October 22, 2011, 08:03:31 PM »
I have a ton to say about my current NYC visit, but some sad news first:

1) Ray's of Greenwich Village (6th Av & 11th St) is gone. That was my favorite NY slice, so I was very unhappy to see their windows covered with newspapers when I walked up a few days ago. Apparently they closed on October 3.

2) Ray's Pizzaria on Prince Street (the first pizzeria to be called Ray's, from what I understand) will close after October 30. As I ate there this afternoon, I was shocked to see a sign in the window informing customers that they will be closing. So if you've ever wanted to try this place, you better hurry up.

The state of slice joints in Manhattan is not looking good. I've had a lot of mediocre slices the last several days. The good old places are dropping like flies and being replaced by crappy $1 slice joints. I tried one of the dollar-slice places, and all I can say is this: You get what you pay for.