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Nor'easter cooking survival tool
« on: November 07, 2011, 08:54:49 AM »
On 10-29-11 a Nor'easter came up the coast and CT was hit with a heavy, wet sticky snow. The trees had not lost most of there leaves yet so branches and trees came down big time. Huge loss of power. About 800,000 customers at the peak. Still not back to 100% today.

Anyway, I lost power for 4 days. No gas on my street so cooking is electric. Well I found out the limitations of a gas grill. I need coffee. It took forever to get water even warm. The fix was a trip to Hartford, which had power, and a visit to a restaurant supply store. I bought one of those single burner, can supplied gas cookers. It's like the ones I seen at brunches and I hear they are big with tailgaters. What a life saver. Hot water, soup, pasta, frying, etc.. I had no idea they had so much cooking power. I can see myself using this as a regular cooking tool for searing and any other messy cooking. I always preferred cooking with gas, so now I have something pretty useful.