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Hello everyone,

been reading the forums for a while now.  So, I finally made the jump and joined.  Been working with pizza's for many years.  I've worked for some of the major chains like.

Pizza Hut 1 year
Hungry Howie 1.5 years
Domino's 3+ years

I'm also worked for my buddy and his mothers place.  Spanky's Pizza for about 5-6 years.  Really good New York / American style pizza.  I also grew up with a local chain called, Dino's.  My buddies father and uncles own the 3-4 stores.  Some of the best pizza ever.  I've also sampled some of the best of New York pizza.

I'm planning attending this years pizza expo in Vegas.  Been to two of them already and plan on finally opening up my own place.  Family has been hounding me for years, so it finally looks like I'm going to open my own place.  Just wanted to thank everyone for all the great info here.  This truly is a great site.  Lot's of answer for questions one might have.  Thanks for sharing.