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Greetings from Orlando
« on: December 02, 2011, 04:16:37 PM »
Hi Everyone.

Moved to Orlando about 15 years ago from the Chicago area and can't find a good pizza, so its probably time I start figuring out how to make it myself.  Grew up eating at John's, Uncle Pete's and Nardi's in the western burbs and can't find anything close.  And we're tallking thin crust - not the deep dish that everyone thinks about when you say "Chicago".  I can't put my finger on it - is it the crust? Definately the cheese is different - seems to have a firmer bite than the stringy mozzerlla on the primarily NY-style here in Central Florida.  Plus - I like mine cut in squares.  I asked for a pizza to be cut in squares down here and she said "but sir, the pizza is round" - couldn't figure it out.

Anyway - my quest begins.  Look forward to all suggestions.