Author Topic: Looking to buy an affordable high temp wfo for pizzas  (Read 1371 times)

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Looking to buy an affordable high temp wfo for pizzas
« on: December 20, 2011, 09:27:14 AM »
Hello folks,

The more I research I do about  buying a wfo for a mobile pizza business here and other sites, the more info I find .... a good thing.  Although for an regular guy like me it can be a bit confusing and sometimes you just don't know what or who to believe. Some of the companies I have researched are well known...Forno Bravo, Mugnaini, Le Paynol etc.  I have a company that will build my trailer to whatever spec that I want...they have been in the business for over 40 years. The reasons why I am looking or a low dome has to do with speed of baking, wood economy and retention of heat... I don't want to rule out other uses such as roasting etc.. but the main focus is to bake neapolitan style pizzas to the general public. Can anyone here recommend a company that builds/sells affordable wfo that meets my needs and that can stand the abuse of the road?  I live in Massachusets so I would prefer an outfit on the east coast.


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Re: Looking to buy an affordable high temp wfo for pizzas
« Reply #1 on: December 21, 2011, 05:53:22 PM »
If you are building the oven for commercial purposes you probably want to check with the local authorities and see if you are going to need a UL/NSF/ANSI listed oven.  If that is the case your options are gonna be much smaller.

If that is not the case and you have any mechanical ability at all, I would give some serious consideration into casting your own oven out of castable refractory.  I did a few sections of my otherwise brick oven with it, and found it to be very reasonably priced and easy to work with.  I'd bet you could cast your own dome for less then half of the cost to buy one.