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Northern Pizza Maker
« on: January 06, 2012, 01:20:50 PM »
Home style pizza maker, worked my way through Betty Crocker, Cooks Illustrated, Sullivan Bakery, and others and now using Reinhardt sourdough or NeoNeopolliten (modified with some starter) doughs. I have my eye on the Pizza quest challenge dough to try.

I'm pretty happy with the dough I'm making right now, although you really have to be lean withthe toppings so it doesn't get too sloppy.

Most of the time the sauce is some home grown tomatoes that have been made into jarred/canned pizza sauce - it can be a bit thin so I'll cook it down some more for thickness.

"real" Italian ingredients are a bit hard to get here so KAF for flour and Cosetta's in the Twin Cities for Italian DOP tomatoes packed in juice (not puree) once in a while, otherwise Red Gold.

We make Pizza a few times a month, and I usually have a couple of dough balls in the freezer ready to go.

Oven is a Thermador electric/convection using the square individual pizza tiles with the oven set at 550.


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Re: Northern Pizza Maker
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We want pictures of pizza. Pizza pictures good.