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Re: Tartine Starter
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For a while there I was questioning all the discarding as well, I remedied that by adding it to my compost. That way I still feel like it's been utilized, and I'm not wasting as much. I know this probably counts as getting sentimental ;).

As for the instructions in the Tartine book, I've gone back and forth. In the beginning it was hard to understand and put the ideas into practice which often proved frustrating as it takes many hours over a few days to produce a couple loaves. One thing the Chad speaks to is the idea that bread making is full of nuance, the initial recipe is there to help those learning the recipe get a feel for how the dough is created, how it feels in your hands and how that feel translates into an end product. Though I'm no master, most the time I appreciate being prepped to learn this way. And after several weekend and midweek bakes I feel like I have a better understanding of the nuances in the dough and how to course correct, which comes in handy when the summers are hot and humid and the winters are dry as a bone inside the house.