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Re: Victory Pig Style Pizza - Northeastern PA
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I made three of these pizzas this weekend.  Fantastic.  Just beautiful.  Taste and texture were wonderful.  Never had VP -- I live in Idaho and grew up in Florida -- but this just blew people away.  First time I used a scale to measure ingredients and it made a huge difference.  I was a little concerned about elevation (I'm at about 3000 feet here in Boise) but I think it was fine. 

Thank you steel_baker and other contributors in this thread -- I really appreciate it.  I'm a total cooking freak -- I cook all sorts of things from all over the world, but very little beats pizza and fried chicken, and this was a memorable pizza.  The attention to detail that you all have really makes a difference.

A million thanks.


Glad you enjoyed it. It's a unique style that I grew up with. Many people who grew up in that area have tried to duplicate it for decades after growing up & leaving. I don't claim it's a perfect duplicate but I will say it's pretty damn close. The best part is that once you know how to make the dough, you can top it any way you want & develop some amazing flavor profiles.

Keep baking!

steel_baker  :chef: