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Hello From CT
« on: January 11, 2012, 03:58:40 PM »
Hello everyone,
Glad to now be a member of the forum!
My name is Chris and I'm in Connecticut.
Grew up just outside New Haven eating some of the greats such as Pepe's and Sally's and consider myself a true snob when it comes to pizza - LOL.
Most places just don't cut it and I am thrilled to have a wife and two young girls that now think the way I do!  We're lucky to have Grand Apizza Shoreline 5 minutes from us in Clinton, CT (run by the son of the original owner of Grand Apizza in New Haven).

Anyway - about 5 years ago I started making my own and was getting pretty hardcore about it...searching out the finest ingredents,etc like many people on this site do and making some pretty serious pizza.  I got a little off track last year when I had to have emergency brain surgery at age 40 and am just now back getting back to the pizza thing.  Oh and health wise I am doing great - better than ever.

So I'm getting back into the groove of things and restocking ingredients,etc.  Made pizza last week for the first time while giving my cousin a lesson.  Forgot how much I enjoyed it!  Have been a Stanislaus tomato and King Arthur Sir Lancelot user but may start experimenting with other high gluten flours that I may have easier access to locally.  Was hoping to post some questions and search previous posts about them.