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How to get RSS feeds for specific forums
« on: January 13, 2012, 05:54:48 PM »
Hello, just thought I'd share a bit of information for anyone that was interested in using an RSS reader to get specific forum content vs. the entire site.  I was searching for this and only saw one post on an RSS feed for all topic updates.  Looks like the platform supports adding the board id as a parameter (a fairly common method in the world of the interwebs) -so for instance if you want to add a specific RSS feed for the Neapolitan forum, you can use:;type=rss2;board=26

to find any other specific feed, just go to the normal link for that board and look in the URL of your browser for the board number.  The one for Neapolitan looks like this:,26.0.html
You can see where the "26" in the above rss feed comes from.  This will work for any forum.
Cheers, happy reading.
-Matt S
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