Author Topic: I made a spreadsheet to manage my bakes, I want to share it  (Read 193 times)

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So i'm going on my 6th pie this upcoming Wednesday, and as I grow more and more serious about this I decided to keep a log of all the variables of each bake.

The link to the spreadsheet i made will be at the bottom, and anyone is more than welcome to use it. I recommend you save it to your own drive, make a copy, and use the copy so your not using the public one. (No promises that the public one won't get messed up).

The recipe is all based on a formula, all you have to do is enter the amount of flour you are going to use (based on grams), and then the rest of the ingredients will compensate (you must enter the percentage of each ingredient first). Then enter the diameter and the quantity and you will be able to get the thickness factor for each dough ball.

There are also notes on the "Total" cell for the amount of bowl residue compensation, as well as a note on the "Flour" cell for if you are using a mix of flour, or a custom protein percentage.

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