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pizza making newbie
« on: February 16, 2012, 09:39:14 AM »
Hello I am Chef AKA Edward 
I have been a chef for 20 plus years and  though have eaten many of pizza and played at home never have done retail  or commercial pizza
Im current in a job where i am produce school lunches for 300 kids a day and we by Pizza frozen from Nardones in Pa its not bad but i was thinking i could probably make it cheap and beter if i did it my self i have a sauce and cheese i would like to use but im in a quandary about crust  i was looking at the lehman caculatoer  I would be making 157  sheet tray size (18x25)  once a week
thinking about blending Hg, bread and wheat flour should i use cake yeast or ady  will be baking in convection ovens

thanks for you help in advance
chef :chef: