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Way of introduction
« on: February 18, 2012, 10:30:37 AM »
This web site is superb --- IMHO the best source of pizza making information on the web.

Two foods have held my passion all these years -one is Pizza and the other is Memphis Style Dry Ribs. Jobs, homes, wife's, friends have all come and gone, but the twin supporting pillars of Pizza and Ribs have remained constant my whole adult life.

Been making Pizza for over 20 years now. Then, other than the library there was not much information available. It was difficult if not impossible to buy High gluten bread flour or Patent flours even in large city grocery stores. Bread machines changed all that.

Like many others, Peter Reinharts "American Pie" was a break through read for me. Still find his - All purpose Marinara Sauce and the Pizza American Dough on page 116 my basic go to pizza combination. I should mention Beer as being the third leg that gives balance to both Ribs and Pizza.

However I must confess my quest is still to duplicate Rocky Rococo's Sausage Pizza. Still trying to find that elusive mixture of receipt and ingredients to what I consider Pizza Nirvana.

Any other Rocky Rococo pizza fans on this site please contact me and lets compare notes.

Thanks to all who contribute and make this a fine Web Site.

Regards: Buck47   
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