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Hey All,
My name is Mason and I live in Washington State.  I worked in the restaurant industry for many years as a chef, but now I'm just an at home chef.  I recently purchased a pizza stone and made a few pizzas and quickly realized that they were lacking what I was looking for.  I like Neapolitan style pizza that has a crisp yet chewy, airy crust.  The 3 pies I've made so far are basic water, flour, salt and rapid rise yeast.  I can already tell that I'm in this for the long haul.  I'm not going to stop until I get what I'm looking for.  I found this site and I've been reading about keeping a live culture and proof techniques.  My oven goes to 550F and Ive been using the oven to get it to that temp, then turning on the broiler for a while, then quickly switching back to oven mode and I can get the surface of the stone to 600F+.  I'll stop writing, just wanted to say hi.  Oh, I threw a slurry of flour and water out on the deck earlier today just to see what the local yeast would produce.