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Hello from the old pizza days...........
« on: February 24, 2012, 10:53:12 PM »
I see alot of questions about Shakey's Pizza specifics. I was involved with the chain for about 13 years, back in the good ol' days, from about 1970 to the mid 80's. Alot of the questions I see are about the dough and sauce which are really the defining difference between most pizzas. Both the dough and the sauce used proprietary spice blends which remain a mystery. I remember the formulas to make each, but they required the blends as well. Thin crust dough: 42 lbs of flour, 1 3/4 lbs of shortening, 1 lb of yeast, 2 bags of dough blend, 8 quarts of water, mixed 8-10 minutes. Put the water in first, it mixes better from the bottom up. Cheese mix was 80/10/10 - 80% low moisture mozzarella, 10% provalone aged 9 mo. smoked, 10% cheddar aged 12 mo. Remember, if this varies from what you have heard, that this info is from the "good ol' days" and may have changed over the years.