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Greetings from Mass.
« on: February 25, 2012, 02:22:07 PM »
I am a longtime vegetarian who enjoys cooking but who only recently discovered how good a pizza crust could be. I was working as a photojournalist and covering a newly opened, brick oven pizzeria in a small town in Central Mass. The owner offered to let me try making my own pizza and the results were eyeopening. She tried to share her method for making the dough but I was never able to replicate the results. I even took the pizza class at KA but wasn't satisfied with the resulting crust. Then I stumbled on ATK's take on "Foolproof Thin-Crust Pizza" and now I have a working crust. The challenge now will be finding an acceptable way to bake them.

At home I cook on an antique, Crawford Duplex Cookstove. This is a transitional stove that has both gas and wood cooktops and ovens. It's very difficult to get the wood oven up to the temps required to properly cook a pizza. The gas oven is small, (at least by pizza standards) and I tend not to use it much anyway.

My hope for this site is to find information on auxiliary units for baking pizzas and artisanal breads and on pizza stones for cooking them elsewhere.

The pizzeria closed within the year which tells you all you need to know about the pizza aficionados of Central Mass.