Author Topic: Pictures of building my oval brick oven  (Read 5035 times)

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Re: Pictures of building my oval brick oven
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Very nice work there  :)

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Re: Pictures of building my oval brick oven
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Dank je Kiwipete, de oven staat in Nieuweschans, grens Groningen - Duitsland

Thanks Don. Yes I designed it, but actually it just kind of turned out this way, there was no plan or drawings. I wanted to build a form-free dome and used cheap bricks because it was an experiment.  I had built an oval dome before, an "ellipsoide".

I've also built and worked with a rectangular barrel-vault oven, and I'd say there's a big difference with round ovens in terms of circulation and maintaining high temperatures when you are in the proces of cooking pizza's one after another. For bread or other baking purposes a rectangular barrel-vault will do fine, when the bricks and mass are well hot and you close the door when your food is inside.

The oval shape acts quite the same as a round shape, it allows a continously flow of hot air in the chamber. But I feel that there is a limit with how much you stretch the oval.