Author Topic: My 3-year old made my night...  (Read 1402 times)

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My 3-year old made my night...
« on: August 28, 2005, 10:55:54 PM »
So, last night, I work on Lehman's Chicago style crust.  I halved the portions I'd been using, but didn't half the yeast (due to it being a tiny packet and wanting to try a sub roll anyway).  So, tonight was pizza night.  My daughter helped me make the pizza.  My wife had used all but about a pound of cheese and had used my crushed tomatoes.  It was Hunt's spaghetti sauce for the sauce -- how sad is that?  But by golly, I was making pizza.  As stated, my daughter helped me with rolling out the dough, saucing, cheesing, and loading it with 'shrooms.  She loves her 'shrooms.  So, out of desperation to have enough food, I took the remaining dough (that should have been pizza #2) and made bread sticks.  This round of pizza was about the crust, plain and simple.  My single sub roll is in a baggie waiting for tomorrow (simulating a real restaurant not using everything hot out of the oven).  So, my daughter tears into the bread sticks, actually SHOVING them in her mouth.  The pizza is just sitting on her plate, not even touched until the very end.  This is the pizza she helped make and she's gobbling up the bread sticks (Little Ceasar's crazy bread type).  Needless to say, my question about how good the crust is was answered.  The recipe is a keeper!  It's easy to like the food you make, but it's even better when other people like it.