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Compilation of Pizza Info
« on: March 30, 2012, 09:06:58 PM »
I want to make a central location for answers to pizza questions. I am curious if this site would be against it because it would be hosting the information elsewhere. I also wonder if someone would want to help me compile or edit the information.

There's so much good info here, probably the most info on pizza anywhere in the world. But it can be difficult to find, buried in posts, or be part of other long answers. I was thinking it would be useful if there was one location with direct answers to all of the different questions being asked here on the forums. I know sometimes answers are on a case by case basis, but I thought getting general answers to lots of different questions could get people started in the right direction. It would in no way replace these forums, just answer the commonly asked and more straightforward questions.

Questions such as

Effects of Gluten Levels in flour
Bread Flour or All Purpose
Using Bakers %
Types of Pizza
Hydration Levels
Etc etc

I have a lot of free time because I have a very easy semester coming up and thought the complied info would be good for me to have on hand, but also posting it online could be helpful to new pizza makers.