Author Topic: Tampa Pizza: Woodfired Pizza & Pizza Squared: Detroit Style Pizza  (Read 1114 times)

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A couple of years ago, a friend told me about a new pizza place close to where I work at the University of South Florida, Tampa. Woodfired Pizza & Wine Bar makes a great thin pie with only the best ingredients and I have been a regular for lunch ever since. When I found out that the owner, Peter Taylor, developed his Pizza Raquel recipe right here on this forum with help from many long time posters, I proceeded to read every post in the raquel thread. Now I can make my own version at home (dough recipe tweaked for a regular oven).

Peter is opening a second Woodfired Pizza across the bay in a very nice location in St. Petersburg, so I rarely see him at the Tampa location anymore, and I would honestly say the quality has sagged a bit here.

Now there is another option nearby for me and my pizza loving friends. Pizza Squared: Detroit Style Pizza.

I have been there twice so far and both pizzas were excellent. In contrast to the somewhat upscale sophistication of Peter's place, Pizza Squared has zero atmosphere (it looks like just a take out place with a few tables at the front). The owner has plans for remodeling when the business pick up, but right now it is simply a place to sit and eat a style of pizza unique in the area. I highly recommend it. I also researched this style of pizza and use PizzaHog's recipe with excellent results.

I include a pic from my second visit.