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Grande Score!!!
« on: May 24, 2014, 11:59:11 PM »
I realize that Grande is one of those things that members either love or hate. I personally love the grande whole milk mixed with some fresh parmigiano-reggiano and the "east coast blend" I like on New York style. I'm in a small town so it's very difficult for me to get good cheese. I've been paying Pennmac to ship it to me. A local pizza chain that I regular I found out was using Grande after I ordered my last shipment. I've asked every time I've been in the place since I found out if they'd sale me a bag. The store manager always says no but I kept asking, no harm in asking right? Well today I talked to the kitchen manager and was complimenting them on how great their calzones were, they really are, and started telling him about my passion for pizza. Then I said, "I know what the answer is going to be but I have to ask anyway. Are you guys allowed to sell the cheese?" He said sure but it's a 5 pound bag. I said not a problem and bought the bag for $20 before I gave him a chance to think about it. Sorry guys I'm ESTATIC!!! Now if I find somebody to get my my favorite Ezzo pepperoni I'll be in great shape.

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Re: Grande Score!!!
« Reply #1 on: May 25, 2014, 04:54:57 PM »
I am sure if you look outside of your small town that there much be a local
distributor at least a hour aways.
I just bought another case for $101 for East Coast Blend(Prices can go from $66 - $110 per case,prices always changed with a distributor}
My problem I always give half (3- 5lb bags away free} so I always have to run back for more every 3 months............JT