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I have been lurking about in these forums trying to learn a little (okay, a lot) and I have gained some really good knowledge here and I thank all of you, truly.

I would like to introduce myself. I am a true pizzaholic. I grew up eating pizza from a local restaurant and I have always loved pizza more than any other food in the world and there is little I can think of in the way of food that I don't like. I started making pizza several years ago and never really even came close to what I had hoped to achieve although my family says my stuffed spinach and sausage is as good as any they have ever had. But I have always had problems with the dough. Once in a while it would cooperate but mostly it was a battle. Sometimes it ended up on the floor and sometimes it ended up thrown against a wall (boy is that a stress-reliever), but sometimes it worked out okay, but never really easy. But we were satisfied with the results and I really enjoyed the process of making pizza on most Saturday nights.

Anyway, a few years ago my wife and I decided to join the "low carb craze", I know, I just disqualified myself from being a true pizzaholic but I was desperate to lose weight and I knew several people who found this diet to work when others wouldn't. Well I did lose about 25 pounds over a two and a half year period but we really missed the breads and of course the pizza and we decided life is just too short to not eat pizza. So of course I have now gained back more than half of the weight I lost but I am oh so much happier.

Okay, now that I have gone on about myself too much. The real reason for the post, along with taking the opportunity to thank you many good folks who love this hobby and also love to share, I wanted to say a brief word about flours. I have tried most of the generic brands available in the supermarket but never thought to explore beyond that. Well the other day I was in the baking section of my local Albertsons looking to buy a bag of Unbleached AP and a bag of Bread Flour. Well low and behold I see they have King Arthur AP flour. I bought two five pound bags and couldn't get home fast enough to try it.

The pizza on Sunday was the best I have ever made. And this is on a gas bar-b-que because I broke my oven stone a couple months ago and haven't found a replacement. I use perforated aluminum pans on two unglazed quarry tiles on my converted grill (propane to natural gas) which puts out much more heat due to the oversized holes I drilled in the burners when I converted it. But about the flour, it was a pleasure to work with. No memory, no tossing.... it just flat responded to hand forming like no dough I have used before. So I want to say thanks again to all of you who have recommended we experiment. I am having a great time with this hobby again. And my family is pretty happy too.

Thanks for your indulgence.

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Re: Hi, first post and it's about flour....well kinda, it's a long post though.
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Welcome to the forum.

You may want to take a serious look at the Raquel thread and the Raquel dough recipe. The Raquel dough yields a crust that is very thin, having been intentionally designed as such by fellow member pftaylor to produce a slice that is low in carbohydrates and balanced in other nutritional respects.