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Re: worst pizza you ever had
« Reply #80 on: June 27, 2009, 07:27:57 PM »
aba & sdg,
I think that economics also play into their success. Many folks want a place thats quick and cheap, look at how many Chinese buffets there are and how many of those are horrible. So many families would rather fill their bellies and run than take the time to have a real meal. If they can eat all they want then greed kicks in and whether it actually tastes good becomes secondary. Generally the places that serve a decent meal are higher priced and slower paced, sadly I have seen some good places die out by trying to compete with these "cattle troughs"...

my wife read a study that suggested a non negligible percentage of the population has very "dull" tastebuds.  So something like 20% or more of people honestly dont see the big deal, because they dont really taste the difference.

My worst pizza I can remember was at a party at a restaurant in Japan, cant remember which.  Canned tuna and corn as the topping....flat, soft crust.

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Re: worst pizza you ever had
« Reply #81 on: June 29, 2009, 03:14:22 PM »
Hello fellow pizza fans.

My name is Johno, and I am a pizza addict.

First allow me to thank you to all who have contributed, especially to the site's valuable moderator, Pete-Zza. (oops sp?) for making it the best source of pizza making (and eating) information on the web.
My pies have never been better since I discovered this site a few years ago.

Seems weird that after reading hundreds of posts over the years I finally register and respond to a topic about the worst pizza you've ever tasted.

That would be one of mine.

I was making decent enough pizza some 10 years ago when a vegan friend asked if I could make a whole wheat crust and instead of mozzarella I could substitute a soy mozzarella 'cheese' instead. I said sure-
sounds simple enough. Let's just say after one bite I knew it didn't taste like anything I ever called pizza.
The 'cheese', which I added towards the finishing minutes, looked exactly like melted plastic, really shiny and tasted like....well nothing.  She ate it like it was the best pizza she ever had.

Since then I have steered clear of all vegans.

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Re: worst pizza you ever had
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Minsky's in Kansas City is the worst I've had in recent memory. Probably the most bland crust I've ever had at an actual "pizza joint" We actually went back just to try their "wheat & honey" crust which was only slightly better.