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Hi gang, new member who has enjoyed browsing your forums as a guest for a while now. I'm a lifelong pizza lover and a rookie pizza maker. I live in Santa Clara in the heart of Silicon Valley, but I grew up practically next door to the original Lou Malnati's in Lincolnwood. Honest! Cross Lincoln Avenue, cross the parking lot for the Brickyard Bank building where Gabby Hartnett's Bowling Alley was in the years I was growing up, and the second house there on Springfield, about 150 feet from Lou Malnati's front door - that's where I spent the first sixteen years of my life. I had many friends who worked at Malnati's, and I was privileged to have known the family and the man himself. But Lou's didn't open until I was a sophomore in high school, and before that, my family tended to go to Pizzeria Due, not Uno's where Lou and his father had worked. We also loved various other popular Rogers Park and near north suburb classic pizza joints like Pequod's, Barnaby's, Welcome Inn, and Biasetti's, both Harry Ermoian's Lincolnwood location on Touhy and the original family-owned location at Irving Park and Ashland, a few blocks from where my mom taught for years. So I'm a confirmed Chicago-style deep dish lover who also enjoys a good thin pie. In the Bay Area, my favorite deep-dish pizza is Zachary's, and several thin pizza places get nods, but I lean toward Amici's as my favorite.