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Re: proper fermenting and proofing
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I think over fermenting might have been an issue.  The dough was not stretching itself easily and wanted to thin out a little too easily in the middle while I was shaping.  I will definitely photograph next time.

Its possible that I may have overcompensated a bit in the fermenting process this time since my dough did not rise much in my previous batch.

What do you think?  Possibly a little more yeast and a little less room temp proofing?  I have a scale now so I will be able to provide exact measurements of my next batch.

Jimmy - I might suggest you get a scale and try this recipe:,19928.0.html

There really is no advantage to a 3-day cold ferment with Caputo. It was not meant for that type of fermentation. Yes, you can make it work, but I don't think I can diagnose the dough since I have never subjected Caputo to this type of workflow. Let me know if the above gives you a baseline to to work with and the flavor profile is what you want. The recipe assumes a room temp of around 75 degrees. You can up the yeast by double (.08%) with ADY.