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Re: Members' Viewing Habits
« Reply #40 on: October 07, 2012, 02:20:24 PM »
I used to send PMs to members whenever I moved one of their posts but the forum grew so large that I had to discontinue the practice simply because I couldn't devote the time needed to keep up with the increased volume.

I don't know it there is something similar for SMF forums, but there is a mod for vBulletin forums that makes moving threads much easier. It had an option for automatically PM'ing the OP when you move a thread. You could chose from pre-setup messages and/or a custom message to send to the OP. You could move a thread and send the message with a few clicks.
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Re: Members' Viewing Habits
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I wasn't suggesting that this board is run badly at all.  If I thought that was the case I wouldn't spend the time that I do here ( and be a supporting member).  I appreciate all of your and Bills efforts to keep the board running smoothly.  I was not upset at all ( although looking back on the post I think it may have come off that way).  I was just asking the question.  I was just wondering how these types of decisions are made.  I understand that it was a judgement call.  No harm no foul.