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New and looking for help from the Experts....
« on: January 25, 2015, 08:23:13 PM »

I am new to this forum, so first off....much respect as this is by far one of the best forums I have ever come across!

I am opening a Pizzeria in my home town, looking to open in mid-late June '15.  Business will focus on NY Style Pizza, by the slice and 18" pie.  I have been in the food business on the corp side for the past 20-years.  I have always admired and respected the independent pizza biz owner.  There is not a good NY Style pizza within 50-miles of where we live and our town is cluttered with chains, great that they provide jobs...but our town is missing a true pizzeria that focuses and not 123 other menu items.  So, I am hoping for the experts help.....  I plan on attending the ABI in Manhattan well as spending a few weekends in NYC....learning from the best-of-the-best.   I refuse to offer a NY Style Pizza that is nothing less than excellent.  I will not embarrass myself or the history of Pizza!

Some Questions I have and hope you all can help with:

- Gas or Electric Ovens?  I prefer and my research tells me gas closed door brick...Blodett or Bakers Pride....but before I make the purchase...I wanted to get some opinions from this Form.

- For a NY Slice / 18" a 22-25% Cost of Goods a good estimate to base business model / forecasts? 
- Has anybody ever had a local bakery/grocery make their dough?  48-72 hour cold fermentation?  Concerns, assuming costs are in-line and product integrity / consistency is managed.
- On the Ovens, my local code has option of direct vent or hoods.  Any advice?  I would love to save $10K on start-ups and go direct-vent...but any reasons I should not?

Thanks Everybody!
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