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Re: Pie Five
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5 minutes seems a bit better than the ten advertised by 800 degrees. I do wonder how these pizzas taste though. Some of the sites mention proofing in the pan, that would definitely cut down on the time a bit.

The website actually says a 5 minute bake, not 5 minutes from walk through the door to pizza in hand.

The time should be 5 minutes from the time you begin building your pizza, at times we have lines out the door so the wait can get up to 10-12 minutes total, but the line is moving so fast people are constantly moving forward so it does not seem bad.  Think of a busy Chipotle, that is what they end up being like most of the time.

One other thing we can offer that 800 degrees and any of the other wood fire oven places can't is different crusts.  Those ovens limit them to a Neapolitan style crust only.  We currently offer 3 crust styles, a crackery thin, what I call a Neapolitanesqe Italian Herb Crust, and a Pan crust.  In addition We have tried 800 degrees, and literally 18 other pizza places in the same segment, and most of the wood fire pizzas while fast, were not cooked properly.  The ones I had the charring was light because it was pulled too soon, and one of the pizzas was not fully cooked in the middle. 
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Re: Pie Five
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So it's just some clever marketing then? No plans for an app that allows people to order ahead of time so that they can truly have a pizza in 5 minutes or less?