Author Topic: I'm throwing a party for 15 people, how much toppings and cheese do I need?  (Read 180 times)

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instead of bbq I thought about making pizza. My father has a two tiered fire oven, so I can only prepare one pizza at the time. They won't arrive at the same time, so I think cutting slices for everyone is the way to go. I'm good on the dough front I think, preparing 4kg for 18x220g today using Pete-zza's PJ recipe. What I don't know yet, is how much cheese and other toppings I need. Most will be pepperoni/ham based with some vegetables like pepper, corn, onion, mushrooms and pepperoncini etc and some sea food.

Are there any guidelines or ballparks I need to aim at?

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You might take a look at the Burke's pizza toppings portion guide at Reply 4 at