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Great new Crust Recipe.
« on: April 24, 2015, 12:20:11 PM »
Not big on volume but I created this pie.

1.5 Cups  Bobs Red Mill Artisan flour
1/2 cup   King Arthur bread flour.       

2 TBSP   Vital Wheat Gluten ( Yes allot of protein in this PIe,  I recognize)

3/4 Cup Hot Water
1/4  CUP  Whole Milk   
1 1/2 TSP  SEA SALT 
3 TBSP  of  Vegetable Oil   

I let the Gluten, Milk, water and yeast sit for a few minutes after stirring together then stir in the flower and then the salt and hand kneed until smooth.  Adding the Oil in Bit by Bit.    I cover the Bowl and let sit for an hour.  Split the dough in half...  First Pie tasted great rolled out and cooked on a preheated stone at 500.    2nd Pie that over night in Tupperware tasted even better.    nice bite and flavor.   
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