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Re: Alcohol in sauce
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This was also an experiment in old dough.  I made that dough more than a week ago and it set in the fridge the whole time.  It's not my favorite recipe, only a remnant of an old "pate fermente" (pre-ferment style).  Pulled it out, let it come to room temperature, gave it a quick 4 corner fold, balled it - let it set 30 min, half size shape - rest 30 min, and finial shape and on the hot stone (no rest).
The smell and flavor HOLY SMOKES - it smelled half like I was baking bread, half like I was steaming beer and the flavor was like butter and oakwood (not the real flavor of wood the visual image of the soft tones and complexity of wood - you get my point) nothing like what it's brothers tasted the week before.

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Re: Alcohol in sauce
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I would suggest adding anchovy to the sauce. One may think that the result will be a bit fishy but it is not the case provided you don't put the whole can in. Anchovy, parmesan, tomato paste (or crushed tomato reduced enough to form a fond) all contain natural glutamates very similar to that of the more commonly known MSG. It will not only compliment tomato flavor but also heighten it as well.

I usually saute garlic, olive oil, anchovy and a little salt and pepper (at the lowest temp possible to get action going as not to change the characteristics of the oil) then add a few decent spoonfulls of crushed tomato and reduce to a fond. Add some red wine to deglaze, add the rest of your tomatoes and season to your liking with whatever you wish and your good to go.

Main objective was to give you a few hints as to heightening your tomato flavor and all around flavor, not a full on recipe. I hope you give it a try and that it works out well for you.
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