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Pizza Hut
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My son's school has a monthly Pizza Hut marketing thing where he gets a coupon for a personal pan pizza if he reads a certain number of books for the month.  Do I just stick to the coupon or do I fall for the ploy/satisfy my curiousity and get something for myself.  I remember liking the pan pizzas, but it's been 30 years since I've had one.

Can anyone offer guidance?

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Re: Pizza Hut
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I was in love with Pizza Hut in the late 70's. It surpassed my general infatuation with Round Table Pizza at the time.  It was a weekly thing for me and a friend to ride our bikes there and eat pan pizza "in."  And - they had Pac Man!  I'm not sure if it is the melancholy of youth winding away or, the acquisition by PepsiCo or, the ongoing changes to the recipe, etc. For whatever reason. It's not bad corporate marketed, mass produced, high sugar/fat/salt pizza. I think you'll be disappointed unless you go into it forgetting what you remember about PH and all that you know about the pizzas you make. Set low expectations for the experience and hope for the best. ;)  Or, as Don Henley would sing, "Don't look back - you can never look back. I thought I knew what pizza was - but now it's gone."
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