Author Topic: Has anyone tried this brand of San Marzano?  (Read 3597 times)

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Re: Has anyone tried this brand of San Marzano?
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Ogdred, you are right that they are vastly superior to Unico brand, and basically the same price. Have you tried Italissima brand? Not the DOP San Marzano (orange can) but the regular Italian plum (yellow can)? That is the brand I used to go for before buying the La Regina's by the case. They are around the same price I think, maybe 25 or 50 cents more. I should try them again.

I have tried 6 or 7 DOP brands available around in specialty stores, until I found DOP Pastene tomatoes at Loblaws, which I get for 3.50 a can. I have always meant to try the non DOP Italian tomatoes to see if they're worth it. I am convinced the extra price is worth it, especially for the basic cheese and basil pizza NY style I normally make. If I made a pepperoni pizza I am not sure the difference would be as apparent.

The purée is strangely off putting to me. Someone else mentioned just using the tomatoes, which might work too. That said, I like these La San Marzano tomatoes enough to use them for any of my cooked soups and pasta sauces, and they are extremely cheap by the flat at Costco.

Do you see ever see the Unico San Marzanos out West? I tried them just once, and was disappointed, but curious if you have tried them.