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About 5 years ago I stumbled onto this forum from a link on slice.  I had been working on oven designs for several years before I even knew there were forums where people exchanged information and ideas. After coming up with my first commercial design I posted it here:,5541.0.html September 2007.
Wow.....time flies when you are having fun……or as my brother says “time flies even when you are not having fun”. In the last five years I have added several higher priced ovens to the line up and improved on the original designs with several new features and methods.

I have gotten a lot of good response but also some real vocal complaining by people who contend that I abandoned the home pizza maker in favor of commercial ovens or more expensive residential ovens.

Since then I have been working on the upgrade for the original “Pizza Grill” incorporating many of the features we use in the higher end residential models, along with the downdraft design that I filed for a patent 2 years ago to go along with the original patent that issued a few years ago.

Today I’m taking the wraps off the new 16” Stainless Steel Pizza Grill for the Pizzamaking forum.
Thanks to the many forum members who have been giving me great input. The new design is a huge leap forward for the hobby pizza maker on a budget who wants high performance baking results.

It is specifically designed for a gas grill and will hit 800+ on a good grill (I use an older Weber Genesis)

I have almost completed my “Test Kitchen” (you can see some pics. here: One of the things I have been working on is hand mixing, and will soon be posting  “my protocol for hand mixing dough” which is designed to simplify the procedure to get repeatable high quality results with several types of flour / flour combinations.

As everyone knows here……and as I have learned over the last 5 years, you cannot make good crust (no matter what kind of an oven you have) without educating yourself on some of the basics such as flour types, yeast types, gluten development, fermentation, more specifically “the fermentation curve” and fermentation protocols.

There are 5 major upgrades to the new pizza grill that contribute to the unparalleled performance of this little workhorse.

1. All of the exterior housing is constructed with high quality 304 16-gauge stainless steel for years of maintenance free use.
2. The top is hinged to make loading the pizza a pleasant experience . The slots on both sides give you the ability to use your right or your left hand to open the lid, which holds the top stone. The same tool used for rotating the stone is inserted and used to lift up the lid from the side protecting your hand from the hot air coming out the front and eliminating the need to wear protective gloves to shield your hand from the heat. When loading the pie you have a clear view and are able to tilt the peel up and gently off load without having to use any fancy peel maneuvers to launch the pie onto the stone. 
Since it is hinged the front of the lid now has a header across the top to hold in more of the heat. And still give you the open interface that makes the 2stone such an outstanding oven.
3. The baffle/spoiler that diverts the airflow forward in the back of the oven now has an extended downward slope which creates a down draft onto the pizza directing even more of the heat onto the pie for even better performance than it already had.
4. The bottom stone is now just a 1/16 shy of a full 16″, which makes it easy to bake a full 14″ pie. 
The large size of the stone including the thickness provides a heavy mass for greater and more even heat retention.
5. For smaller grills the same unit can be fitted with a 13-1/2″ stone, which requires less BTU and is still usable for 12″ pies. The hinged lid makes for precise pie unloading on the small stone.

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Is the stainless bottom exterior surround included?
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Looks awesome. When will it go on sale? Price?


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Jet deck- maybe thats a good idea, the footprint is !7-3/4 wide X 16-1/2 deep with the round hearth protruding about an inch out front. There would need to be a square inch limit on the skirt since I have run into people who have grill almost 48" wide -willard

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John, should be soon.........price?.... yah..... gotta figure that out still.....soon I hope. We had our own mold made for the bottom stone (which bumped up our cost) but surprisingly when you consider that the 15" was tapered it really added a lot to the weight and "larger feel" to the stone. It will realistically do a 14" pie now since the lid is hinged and you can slide the pie off the peel at an angle in full view -willard