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Bob's Red Mill Flour
« on: December 04, 2005, 05:52:24 PM »
Running out of KASL, I scanned the cupboard for a suitable flour and found a package of Bob's Red Mill Flour.  This is an unbleached, unbromated organic flour, made from hard red spring wheat, with a protein content of 11.8%.  I noticed that this flour seems to be ground extra-fine, more like an 00 than a regular flour.  I used a standard recipe, 1% olive oil, 1.5% salt, .3% instant yeast, and 61% hydration.  880 grams of flour made 4 ~15" pies easily.

The crust was light, airy, and fresh tasting.  The edges rose beautifully.  I found the dough to be fairly adaptable.  Some of the pizzas (the cheese and pepperoni), we prefer thin.  These I stretched out to around 16.5", and it succeeded rather well, with a very thin crust.  My wife prefers a slightly thicker crust, so I made her pineapple and ham pizza with a 14.75" crust.  This thickened up beautifully, and the crust was nice and chewey throughout.

Overall, this flour made an excellent pizza.  This is one of my best pizzas yet.  I like how this dough worked as both a thin and ultra-thin crust, and wasn't out-of-place with either.