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Sicilian Pie Numero Uno
« on: March 15, 2016, 01:43:25 PM »
I have been dying to try to make a Sicilian pie, and I finally got down to it. I grabbed one of the older dough recipes of here, as well as a sauce recipe and got to work. The pie came out... Meh lol. The dough wasn't as "airy" as I'd like it and it lacked flavor. (It rose like double the size over the night and popped the top off of the tupperware that I had it stored in, so I can't help but think that was the cuplrit.) The sauce came out really sweet, and I put far too much on. I have been struggling with sauce so that's not surprising. However with all that being said, it had a wonderful char to the crust and I had no trouble popping it out of the pan (It was actually the broiler pan from the oven. Worked great), which I was worried about - so it wasn't a total loss!

I think next time I'll change up the dough to try to get it more airy and flavorful. (I feel like there was too much oil, and also no sugar almost at all) I have a few sauce recipes I got off Escalon's website that I also want to try. So back to the drawing board!