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Hi Guys
« on: December 23, 2012, 10:03:48 AM »
hey guys , My name is Motts . I own an ATV Resort in Bramwell , WV. We offer lodging to ATV riders looking to ride the Hatfield McCoy trails located a couple miles away. We keep getting asked by the riders, when will we offer food? We have been toying with the idea of serving pizza. Actually I have wanted to make pizza since I was a kid and this is my first chance in life to do so. I will concentrate on just pizza.
    I have done a little research & I am realizing I will have a lot more to do  LOL. At first we thought of doing some sort of franchise pizza , like at a convenience store but then I thought to myself , when have I ever enjoyed a convenience store slice of pizza ? ever ? So we thought , we have the kitchen space and time to learn , so why not do a pizza from scratch ? We know we don't want to do conveyor belt oven pizza , because once again when have I ever truly enjoyed conveyor belt oven pizza ? Never ! That said we think we wanna do an oven deck pizza and are thinking a NY style ( from what im reading , neo pizza is for WFO ?) so we can do slices and whole pies .
   We are looking to purchase a used to oven to get us into this venture , and have been looking @ GE double stack ovens and Bakers pride pizza ovens. Are there any units I should stay away from using ? or are there ones I should look at ? Any recommendations on hoods for the oven ?
   I Love that there is a pizza forum , I have a ton more questions and I am sure I will have even more after i start soaking most of this in. Luckily my wife is a baker so I will have someone helping me on some things but Im really looking forward to reading more of your tips on here !