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Hello to everyone
« on: December 25, 2012, 12:59:20 PM »
My wife and I live on a ranch in Central Texas.  We have been in the business of harvesting and selling wild game meats (venison, antelope, and wild boar) to fine dining restaurants and individual consumers for the past 30 years.  Recently, one of our sons bought the business from us and also bought a quail farm in Bandera, Texas.  The name of our ranch and his business Broken Arrow Ranch.

As part of that business, we (and he) have hosted many great chefs at our ranch.  Several segments of programs such as Emeril, Bizarre Foods, etc. have been shot on the ranch.

My wife and I just returned from two weeks in Tuscany where we cooked several meals in a Tuscan brick oven.  Now we will be building one here at the ranch.  We have almost every other type of cooking devices from a Green Egg to an open fire pit.  The oven will be a great addition.

Mike and Elizabeth Hughes