Author Topic: Hello from UK looking to make a Sicilian Pizza like I saw on Man v Food!  (Read 266 times)

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Hello everyone, I am looking to make a Sicilian Pizza as I saw on Man v Food.  I am relatively new to this process so please bear with me while I figure out all sorts of things like flour types, sauce ingredients and this calculator thingamijigg.  Loving what I have read and seen in the forums so far.


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Re: Hello from UK looking to make a Sicilian Pizza like I saw on Man v Food!
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Kasam, welcome to the forum.

The pizza on M v F is L&B Spumoni Gardens.  Here's a thread on reverse engineering it.,17168.0.html

While the thread contains some beautiful pies, possibly even better than what L&B produces, I'm not sure anyone's broken the code and created a perfect replica.  I haven't read the thread in a while, but have come to a few recent conclusions about reverse engineering this pizza.

This is not a high hydration dough.  It's just typical NY style dough (58%-62% hydration) baked in an oiled pan.

It's 15 minutes total bake time, a portion of which is directly on the hearth (half?) and then a portion on a rack. I'm assuming they incorporated this to maximize bottom heat producing oven spring at the beginning of the bake, but to avoid burning the undercrust for the second half.

There's still a lot of questions to be answered, such as the fermentation regime, protein content for the flour and whether or not the San Marzano's are cooked. This thread should take you 90% of the way there, though.