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Re: Dough Question....
« Reply #20 on: December 28, 2005, 02:02:02 PM »

Even for professional pizza operators in the U.S. who use deck ovens that don't get as hot as yours are often advised not to add sugar to the dough because of its tendency to overcaramelize too fast and overdarken the crust. One way to avoid this, other than lowering the oven temperature and using a longer bake, is to use a screen or disk to hold the pizza and shield it from the direct heat of the deck. I saw this done in a wood-fired oven in Mexico. Since I don't speak Spanish, I couldn't ask if this was the reason.


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Re: Dough Question....
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Hi Peter

It is very interesting to know how things are done in the US.  I wish I'd eaten more pizza on my last visit! I do remember buying huge slices rather whole pies and wondering why they are sold that way and how on earth they get a pie that big in the oven  :o

Anyway, I described in response to another post about a neapolitan pizza being burnt on the bottom, the tricks we have to use when the oven floor is too hot and that sort of shielding is one of them. Managing a wood fire oven really is an art which I am learning more about daily, lucky I have a great teacher.

Back to the sugar question. I've tried dough with and without and would add a very small amount of sugar if I was cooking at home rather than the shop. Mainly, I think, the sugar helps the flavour develop by feeding the yeast and promoting caramalisation during cooking.


PS thanks for the great forum, it is wonderful to read so many different perspectives and techniques.