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Pizza oven selection 3-5K budget
« on: October 03, 2014, 11:03:06 AM »
I am sure this question has been asked several times but everyone's situation is different ---budget, experience, application, etc.  I am looking for a wood burning oven that will be a part of a newly constructed residence.  It will be located outside but under a large porch area, built into a wall that will have a stone facade.  Based on my somewhat limited research I have established a budget of $3000-5,000 for the oven itself, of course I'd like to be closer to the 3-4K range.  Other components: installation, legs/base, surround, etc. I am not considering to be a part of the 3-5K budget figure.  I also feel we would be happier with a 36-42" internal oven floor.  I have cooked pizzas in the Milano from Wildwood Ovens probably a dozen or more times at a family members which is my only experience with pizza ovens. I do like the oven but think it is a little too small (prefer something about 20% bigger) and do not have any other manufacturers to compare it to. However this Milano is about 3 years old, probably been used 30-40 times total and starting to show some signs of either poor design, poor installation, misuse or maybe just normal wear.  The fire brick cooking surface has some pitting in the bricks themselves and there is some lippage b/w two sections of the brick cooking surface.  In addition some of the mortar between the sections of the dome has come out and there are some hairline to 1/16" sized cracks in the solid dome piece.  So without knowing what this is all about I am a little concerned about this particular product, even though these may not be manufacturer related issues.

Pizza Ovens I have been considering, but open to any other recommendations:

Wildwood - Toscano (42" internal diameter) -

Earthstone - Model 90  (35" internal diameter) -

Forno Bravo - Casa2G90 (36" internal diameter) -

Renatos - unsure on model - they are local for us but have not been able to get in touch with them

Any personal experience with one of these above ovens especially if you have had one for several years would be greatly appreciated.  Also open to any other recommendations on other ovens.