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Hello from TomfromErie
« on: December 31, 2012, 10:30:32 AM »
New member here, TomfromErie. Erie, Pennsylvania. Favorite quote: "All pizza is good, some are better than others".
I am an intense pizza lover. Still experimenting with making my own dough. The dough seems to be the key ingredient, after that all seems pretty easy. I use a 16" x 20" stone in my oven. I also experimented with pizza on my charcoal grill and was disappointed with the results (pretty much melted the fire box) so I designed and had built my own modular, pizza oven/grill. It is a built from cold rolled steel and lined with firebrick. I can cook three 12" pizza at a time. Two on a rack and one on the stone. Fuel is a combination of charcoal and Hardwood to start then I add Anthracite Coal for sustained high heat. Can sustain heat of about 700 degrees in the top, the stone is hotter.