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Milk Kefir again
« on: Yesterday at 09:47:47 AM »
My one pizza friend was at market last week.  We got to talking about things not related to pizza.  My friend brought up that he drinks milk kefir.  I asked him if the milk keifr he drinks is from the little cauliflower heads, and if it was does he feed them milk.  My friend said yes he feeds the little cauliflower looking heads milk.  I said I would be interested in trying milk kefir in some pizza doughs again.  My friend brought me some of his milk kefir to market yesterday. 

I wonder what kind of pizza dough formula I can try the milk kefir in again.  My friends milk kefir smells like bread.  My milk kefir did not smell like bread when I was fooling around with it before.

Any suggestions?

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