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Food and Wine Top 50 List
« on: January 01, 2013, 02:29:26 PM »
Not sure if this belongs here or somewhere else in the forums.. perhaps one you Mods can move it as you please (or someone just direct me and I'll move it if I can)...

An online list I saw today from F&W about their top 50 "Pizza Places" in the US.

Like a lot of web content its frustrating to flip through as you have to load a new page each time you want to see the next place.. and the descriptions are brief.. and of course they won't let you just see a list. It's not about content, people, it's about page hits!!

Anyway, that rant aside- it's VERY heavy on the NeaP style and predictably NY-centric. I'd love to see more regional lists and especially other styles that aren't just artisanal Neapolitan joints. There was one wonderful looking Chicago-style entry that I am inspired to research.

I've only eaten in a couple of the spots (and they were deserving of being on this list for sure) but would love to see other reactions. Would also love to see a more balance list like "top 5 places in each state" or something... you all get busy building that for me, okay??  :-D

Happy NY to you all! May 2013 bring you wonderful combinations of flour, yeast, water and heat!