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Greetings From The Valley Of The Sun
« on: January 03, 2013, 11:22:49 AM »
Hi there! My name is Forrest. I'm 36 and have been making pizzas for over half my life. Coming on shows that even somebody with a lot of experience still has a lot to learn. I'm familiar with California gourmet pizzas, hand tossed, and Chicago-style, including how to make thin crust, deep dish, and stuffed pizzas. My latest venture, which was a combination of the three, was pretty much something out of Diners, drives, and dives as it was pretty much just me in the little kitchen hand making dough, hand shredding cheese, making all my sauces, and prepping the rest of the ingredients solo. Oh yeah, I need to mention that I did all of my baking in a convection oven that had no fan shut off! A slight learning curve there! It was wonderful and by my pretty seasoned pizza tastes, I was churning out some of the best looking and tasting pies I've ever made and tasted. I do need to thank this website and its members for the great knowledge I have picked up on here. I love pizza and have the passion to always learn more and more about this art.

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Re: Greetings From The Valley Of The Sun
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Which end of the Valley?