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Hello!  Happy to discover this forum as a home chef.  I've been trying to create the perfect pizza crust using home ingredients, a standard home oven and baking tiles.   I know it's not possible to create the perfect crust, but I figure there are tricks I can learn here to get as close as possible.

Living in Kansas City, my cooking passion started with barbecue, but I'm a pretty good chef in the kitchen too.

One of the pizza dilemmas I have right now is figuring out if a King Arthur pizza dough flavoring would be a better option than a dough enhancer, or if they essentially would serve the same purpose.   The enhancer intrigues me because its purpose is to make the dough more pliable, whereas the flavoring interests me just to provide a different aroma and flavor of the crust.

Anyway, glad to have discovered this forum for some pizza making advice from people who really know what they're doing, or are at least figuring it all out.