Author Topic: New Brick Oven "package" at TheBay (store) in Canada  (Read 1246 times)

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New Brick Oven "package" at TheBay (store) in Canada
« on: December 20, 2005, 09:29:16 AM »
Last night while doing some Christmas shopping in a local mall, I went into a store called "The Bay", anyway,
I was in the kitchen section and noticed a huge box with some sort of clay looking device, so I had to walk over and take a peek at it.

I am sorry I didn't get more details now, as I was busy with my kids, but I did get a chance to take a fast peek at this device.

It "looks" like clay, and is reddish brown in colour, it's basically a little pizza oven,,, it's pretty large, - about 2-1/2 feet square.  There's a little glass door on the front, - that pulls down, and is large enough to slide in a large pizza.

The funny thing ( or sad thing I mean ) is that there is a little temp dial on it, and the maximum it goes to is 400 degrees.  So I guess it's not a real pizza making machine that's for sure.

It looked like an authentic wood burning clay stove, almost like something you would buy for a child, but it's a real oven.  Anyway now I can't remember the price of it, but I'm sure it was in the $300 range, as I don't remember now, saying to myself this was a steal.

Perhaps this is floating around in the States, ( as most of our stuff comes from there or China ), anyway it was neat, but I've never buy one.  I just laughed when I saw it went to a max of 400 degrees ( hehehehe )

The thing comes with a "real pizza stone" for that authentic pizzeria taste  ;)

Sorry for the lack of info on it though, I should have taken a mental note of the name of it, and how much it was.  sorry guys.

Hope everyone is having a great Christmas season.... and not drinking too much eggnog and brandy  ;D

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