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Hello from NY
« on: January 07, 2013, 10:31:57 PM »
Hello all!

I moved to NY end of 2011 and always loved pizza but never paid attention to styles or crust, mainly because from where I came from, we give more importance to the toppings than anything else. I've been in love with NY and Neapolitan pizza and, since my wife (a few months ago) decided to invite some friends for a pizza night I decided I would learn how to do it (well, NY Style only as I lack the tools for the last).

Since then, I've been reading and researching anything I can find about pizza and found this forum to be the one of the best resources on the subject out there. Thanks to what I have read here I was able to make an almost successful pizza. :)

So far, I have learned that pizza is pretty much an art and, after reading Pizza Napoletana's "A PHILOSOPHY OF PIZZA NAPOLETANISMO!", I truly believe it is also a philosophy of life. :)