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Kiwi Pizza..
« on: January 13, 2013, 10:15:13 PM »

Been lurking for a while on and off (as one does), and have finally decided to take the plunge and buy a Wood Fired Oven - primary for Pizza - but Im sure I will cook a lot more besides (being a huge fan of cooking meat with fire).

My love of pizza came from my Italian neighbor who did a couple of cooking classes for some of us and introduced me to "real" pizza.  I could not believe the difference - and how much we had missed out on - having Dominos etc as our local pizza joint.  

Now I know there is lot to learn, and its a long road - but heck - I cannot wait to get going.

I purchased an oven from Fuera Ovens (they are on facebook - as a new user I cannot post links) and am in the process of installing foundations for it at the moment (hoping to have the concrete poured this coming weekend).  I know that its not as serious as a lot of people here have, but Im hoping that (in time and with practice) that I can create a really good Neapolitan style pizza  - certainly better than the swill a lot of the local places sell.

All going to plan in about 4 weeks I will be able to post my first "Pizza" post.

Other than that "gidday" - and thanks for all the information I have gleaned already, and I hope to get to a point (in time) where I will be able to add something to the forum.